Fazer offers bakery, confectionery and biscuit products as well as food and café services

Fazer is the leading bakery company in Finland and one of the leading companies in the Baltic Sea area and Russia. Its bakery products are exported to 20 countries worldwide. In addition to the Fazer brand, the bakery brands include Oululainen, Skogaholm, Hlebny Dom, Druva and Gardesis. Fazer has 15 bakeries located in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. In addition, the company has 43 in-store bakeries in Finland as well as 30 bakery shops in Sweden and five in Finland.

In the confectionery business, Fazer is the market leader in Finland and a strong player in the Baltic Sea area, exporting products to more than 40 countries. Among Fazer’s strong international brands are Karl Fazer, Geisha, Dumle, TuttiFrutti, Xylimax, Marianne, Tyrkisk Peber, Pantteri and Ässä. All confectionery factories are located in Finland.

The Cafés business covers cafés in Finland and Sweden.

Fazer Food Services specialises in good food and tailor-made meal solutions. The service range includes personnel restaurants in the private and public sectors: student restaurants, congress, conference and catering restaurants; catering services for schools and public sector institutions. In addition to lunch, Fazer Food Services offers various client-specific solutions that support well-being at any time of the day, and also tasty, varied and nutritionally balanced food to take away. Fazer also provides high-class representation catering to its clients.

The brands and concepts of Fazer Food Services include Amica, Fazer and Wip. In Finland, Fazer Food Services also operates under the name Blue, mainly in the public sector. Fazer has about 1,200 restaurants in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark serving over 450,000 customers every day. Fazer strengthened its quality food service offering in January 2016 by acquiring Seniori Ateria. The company offers ageing people tailor-made tasty and healthy home meals.