Fazer is an international family-owned company offering quality bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products as well as food and café services.

Fazer is the leading bakery company in Finland and the Russian major markets of St Petersburg and Moscow. Fazer Bakery also has a strong presence in Sweden and the Baltic countries. Fazer Bakery’s offering is comprehensive, covering freshly baked, pre- packed, frozen and long shelf life bread as well as shop-in-shop operations. In addition, the business area’s bakery shops in Finland and Sweden inspire consumers with high-quality, hand-made, fresh artisanal breads, bakery products and other delicacies. Fazer Bakery’s comprehensive offering covers all bread categories, with cherished brands such as Fazer, Oululainen, Skogaholm, Hlebny Dom, Druva and Gardesis.

In the confectionery business, Fazer is both a well-established guarantor of quality and an innovative creator of new concepts. The products, sold in more than 40 countries, are produced in four factories located in Finland: Vantaa (chocolate and biscuits), Lappeenranta (sugar confectionery) and Karkkila (chewing gum). Fazer upholds their high quality by employing only the best ingredients, unique recipes, world-class manufacturing processes and skilled personnel. Fazer Confectionery provides a wide offering, covering every category of confectionery with brands such as Karl Fazer, Tutti Frutti, Dumle, and Geisha.

Fazer Food Services offers meal solutions for business and industry, as well as the healthcare, welfare, education and defence sectors. Fazer is a leading meal solution provider in the Nordics, operating nearly 1,200 restaurants in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Fazer Food Services’ established brands include Amica, wip, Wilberg and Fazer.

Fazer Cafés oversees the company’s premium café chain in Finland. The cafés serve as a platform for the Group’s offering, and focus on providing a first-class consumer experience. High consumer satisfaction is the long-established foundation of Fazer’s café business.

Fazer Mills provides its customers with high-quality grain products and support services. Fazer Mills’ wide range of flours, mixes and ingredient solutions is made from natural ingredients following strict standards. The products can be tailored to fit customers’ specific criteria, helping them to create delicious experiences for consumers and differentiate from their competitors.