Fazer Food Services covers e.g. private and public sector personnel restaurants, student restaurants and restaurant services at large-scale public events. The company also provides catering services at schools, hospitals, day care centres, kindergartens, service homes and public institutions as well as catering for the military. Fazer also caters functions of its clients within their locations.

Fazer Cafés is responsible for e.g. Fazer’s cafés and restaurants operating in shopping centers and other restaurant services in the open sector. 

The flagship of Fazer’s cafés and restaurants is the restaurant world 8th Floor, which opened in the spring of 2009 at the Stockmann department store in Helsinki.

Karl Fazer Café is a modern classic café where the entire history of Fazer started in 1891. Karl Fazer Café is located in Helsinki on Kluuvikatu street.

Fazer also has local cafés operating under their own brands, such as Bistro A and Hava Java in Sweden.