Amica is the leading contract catering brand in the Nordic region, offering customers delicious food and tailor-made service solutions.

Services include private and public sector personnel restaurants, student restaurants, café-restaurants, restaurants at conference and meeting venues as well as food services for schools and public service organisations. Fazer Food Services also offers its clients catering services for special occasions.

Fazer´s restaurant business dates back to 1891 when Karl Fazer founded and opened the first French-Russian café in Helsinki. Its small but functional space consisted of a confectionery shop and a café that were separated by a velvet curtain. Only seating around 30 people, the café and its décor was practical and modest.

His café became a popular meeting place for the nearby university students as well as other folk. People would take their loved ones for a cup of coffee and cake in the café and ladies dropped in for a break during their afternoons shopping. The people of Helsinki fell in love with the place as well as with the owner Karl Fazer. The coffee, pastries, biscuits, cakes and chocolate served in the café were of exceptional quality and Karl was known for his willingness to do whatever it takes to exceed customers´ expectations. His mission to create taste sensations and bring delight to customers is still valid today.