We at Fazer have been baking bread and sweet bakery products since the 1890’s, when the famous Karl Fazer café in Kluuvikatu in Helsinki was opened. Today, Fazer is a leading bakery in Finland with four industrial bakeries, 15 Fazer bakery shops and 40 shop-in-shop bakeries in retail stores.

We have a strong presence in the Baltic Sea region with bakeries in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic countries.

The crown jewel of Fazer in bakery products are the Bakery Shops in Finland, Russia and Sweden (Gateau in Sweden), where one can enjoy high quality, hand-made, fresh artisanal breads, bakery products, chocolate and other delicacies.

We are passionate about presenting unique, delicious and trusted products to the consumers. Fazer offers something more to uplift your life.

The largest Fazer bread brands in Finland are Fazer Puikula, which is known for its unique form, Fazer Alku, the brand that gives a soft start to your mornings and Fazer Real, the leading wellness-oriented bread brand on the market.

In Sweden, Fazer in known for high-quality rye bread and the Rustic product family. The most recent success in Sweden was the Kusar range.

In Russia, Fazer is best known for Burge and Swedish bread.

Fazer is also known for its own mills in Lahti, Finland and Lidköping, Sweden. Fazer Mill is the largest commercial mill in Finland and the second largest in the Nordic countries, milling wheat, rye, oat flour and flakes. Fazer Mills has grown into the biggest producer of special grain mixes (bakery mixes) in Northern Europe. It also produces high-quality flours and mixes for the bakeries.