Hlebny Dom

Hlebny Dom is Fazer’s biggest bakery brand in Russia. The bakery’s tale started in St Petersburg as far back as 1934 when a bakery was established in the Moscow district of Leningrad. Hlebny Dom – or in English, 'bread house' or 'the home of bread' – represents warmth, abundance and well-being. The name was introduced in 1995, when it became the first bakery brand in Russia. Co-operation with Fazer began in 1997.

Fazer has in many respects been a pioneer in the Russian bread market and it was the first company to start manufacturing packaged, sliced bread. The fact that the bakery brought completely new and unique products to the Russian market, such as portion bread and berry pies, also influenced the growth in popularity of the Hlebny Dom brand. Over the years, several new products have become popular alongside the traditional loaf, such as the portion bread Litseisky, the healthy tin loaf Herkules, various flat breads, toast rolls and healthy diet rolls. The bakery is also traditionally known as one of the country’s largest manufacturers of prjanik ginger bread, a traditional favourite of the Russians.