In 1909 Vilhelmiina and Kaarlo Helenius founded a home bakery called Oululainen Kotileipomo in Lahti.

Vilhelmiina went to baking school in Oulu and wanting to honor the origin of her knowhow she named the home bakery Oululainen.

Today, Oululainen offers a wide selection of tasty bakery products to meet the taste preferences of Finns who appreciate Finnish origin and pure taste experiences.

The heart of Oululainen has always been its famous rye breads such as Oululainen Jälkiuuni, which has been baked since 1947. The Oululainen assortment also includes very popular products like Reissumies, Hapankorppu and Pullava. Bought by Fazer in 1958, the century old Oululainen is now more loved than ever and continues to be 100% baked in Finland.