The Skogaholm tale began in a bakery called Knut Erikssons Finbageri, founded in 1926.

They were not happy with the name, so it had to be changed. The bakery was renamed Skogaholm after the name of the place where it was located. The bakery soon became popular, and a new bakery was built in Eskilstuna in 1945.

Skogaholm is one of Sweden’s best-known brands. It offers delicious bakery products for different situations in people’s everyday lives.

The original Skogaholmslimpa is the most popular product under this brand. Despite the different trends in the market, the Skogaholmslimpa still remains the second largest product in the Swedish bread market.

For decades, Skogaholm has differentiated its assortment to meet the modern consumer’s wishes and needs. The products include the Skogaholmslimpa (a seasoned loaf of bread), Lantbröd med havssalt (traditional rustic bread), Hjärtegott and Mini-Snäckor (miniature cinnamon bun).