Fazer is on a mission to inspire the brain and is exploring how our everyday actions can impact our cognitive abilities.

We at Fazer have started a research and new business development programme Brainfood, where we study the connection between food and cognitive performance and aim to create innovative solutions to maintain and improve brainpower and well-being holistically – taking into consideration nutrition, sleep as well as physical and mental exercise - at different stages of life.

To reach the goals of the programme, insights and knowledge from various different parties are needed. Accordingly, we aim to build a lively ecosystem that creates innovations via open co-operation. Fazer has already partnered up with Vertical, a start-up accelerator focused on health technologies and smart life. The accelerator programme runs twice a year for four months. In the autumn 2016 programme Fazer co-developed a prototype with Finnish start-up Diske in #fazerbrainfood in only two months. We also held Brainfood Hackathon in October 2016 for international teams of scientists, developers and designers. The winning team used technology and service design to change eating habits.


If you have any questions to the Fazer team, you can reach us at brainfood@fazer.com.