Our diverse bread mix selection has products to suit every taste.


100% Rye -Mix

Mix for baking 100 % rye bread. Includes plenty of rye fibre.


Fibre rich bread mix for baking several types of breads.

80 Kauravuoka -Mix

Tasty oat breadmix for tin breads. Contains a lot of Finnish quality oat fractions.


Oat bread premix including plenty of oat groats and flakes (71 %).


Mix for various breads and rolls. Includes oat and wheat flakes, flax seed, malt and bread improver.


Special mix for baking oat flat- and portionbreads. Product has very good fresh keeping properties.


Multigrain bread premix without soya.


Corn flakes, flaked oats and different seeds are the main ingredients of Multi-Mix.


A plenty of seeds containing premix for roll and bread baking. Products made of Multiseed-Mix have very good fresh keeping properties. 


Bread premix containing richly vegetable-based Omega-3 fatty acid. 100g of Atlas bread includes 72 % of average Omega-3 daily need (EU).


A lot of oat (74 %) including bread premix. Breads made of Otto-Mix have fluffy texture and excellent fresh keeping properties.

Pane Avena -Mix

Delicious premix for baking oat Ciabatta-style bread.

Pane Sonno -Mix

Premix without E-codes for baking Italian-style crusty breads.

Rye Flat Bread -Mix

Special breadmix for rye flat and rye portion bread production.


Bread premix with dark and slightly malty taste. Suits well for baking Tyrolean style of breads.

Tumma Fazerleipä -Mix

Dark and malty mix for baking mixed breads. Includes plenty of different seeds.