With our coffee bread mixes you fill Your products in a sweet way.

Berliner15 -Mix

Concentrated premix for baking delicious berliner and doughnuts.

Brownie -Mix

Mix for baking rich and juicy chocolate pies and muffins.


Tasty and excellent structured filling for buns etc. Product variations can be easily changed by using diggerent spices and coverings.


Ready mixture for baking cake doughnuts. Gives excellent structure and taste.

Fazer Suklaamuffins -Mix

Delicious mixture for chocolate muffins baking.

Fazer Mill Cake -Mix

Lactose free mix for pie and muffin baking. Product variations are can be changed by using marmalades, berries and different fillings.

Oat Muffin -Mix

Lactose free mixture for oat muffins and pie baking. New innovation!

Oat Cookie -Mix

Delicious premix for cookies including plenty of oat. New product variations are got by adding nuts, dried fruits and berries or chocolate in the dough.


Lactose free mixture for lemon muffins baking. Easy and fast to use, just add oil and water.


Sponge cake mix.