The following proructs are produced for You on request.

3 Viljan -Mix

Grainy bread premix including rye and wheat groats, linseeds, flours and bread improver. There is a soft and light core under the crunchy crust.


Premix especially for toast bread baking. Anna-Mix includes plenty of whole wheat, oat and fibre.


Onion tasty mix for baking rolls and breads. Fiera-Mix includes premium onion grits which give delicious taste and appealing look.


This breadmix is rich in different seeds and flakes. Breads baked from Harvest-Mix have delicious taste and excellent volume.

Rye Fibre Pizza  -Mix

Pizza-Mix which includes rye fibre.

Rye Toast -Mix

Mix for baking fibre rich rye toast bread. This mix combines rye’s good features and delicious and airy toast bread!

Wheat Fibre Pizza -Mix

Pizza-Mix which includes wheat fibre.