Oat flakes and other oat products now available from Fazer Mill & Mixes.

Fazer Mill & Mixes has started a brand new Oat Mill with state-of-the-art technology in Finland in September 2013. Fazer’s oat mill represents the very latest production technology which allows us to create a wide range of high quality products. The new oat mill enables us to complement our product range with oat products but also rye and wheat flakes. Our Oat Mill is certified organic to the EU organic regulation (EC No 834/2007). 

Our portfolio is primarily intended for bakeries and the food industry including oat flakes with different technical properties as well as stabilized kernels and steel cut oats. As raw material we use Finnish oats which is available also in organically-grown. The package sizes are 10, 20 or 25 kg paper bags and big bags (500 – 1000 kg).

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Our quality portfolio comprises the following products:
O 2000 Heat-treated dehulled oats
O 2000 SC    Steel cut oats
O 2000 P  Pressed oats
O 2000 JF Jumbo oat flake
O 2000 TF Thick oat flake
O 2000 F Oat flake
O 2000 IF Instant oat flake
O 2000 FF Oat flake flour
O 2000 BIO Organic heat-treated oats
O 2000 SC BIO Organic steel cut oats
O 2000 P BIO Organic pressed oats
O 2000 JF BIO Organic jumbo oat flake
O 2000 TF BIO Organic thick oat flake
O 2000 F BIO Organic oat flake
R 1800 F Rye flake
R 1800 F BIO  Organic rye flake
V 1700 F Wheat flake
V 1700 F BIO Organic wheat flake