Rye fibre is one of the value added products from Fazer Mill & Mixes. Dietary fibre from rye allows the use of health claim article 13 Gut Health.

Fazer Rye Fibre combines the health benefits of rye  (ryeandhealth.org) and fibre in an easy-to-use ingredient. It can be added to a wide range of products to add fibre and nutritional value without compromising taste. The fibre is extracted from rye kernel using innovative and sustainable dry milling and fractionation methods. The product is natural with no additives. No solvents or chemicals are used in the process.

In 2011 EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) substantiated a health claim which connects rye fibre to gut health. This health claim about rye fibre and Gut Health (article 13) confirms that rye fibre contributes to normal bowel function.

In addition to rye fibre Fazer Mill & Mixes produces as well wheat fibres and oat bran. Fibres are available in different grades for varying applications from bakery to food supplements.

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Fazer Rye Fibre 

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