Fazer’s objective is to support sustainable farming and prevent the loss of biodiversity.

The global production of food has an impact on biodiversity and is one of the causes of deforestation. Biodiversity refers to the many millions of distinct biological species found on earth, the outcome of four billion years of evolution. It underpins the health of the planet and has a direct impact on all our lives, providing us with food security, clean water and air. Climate change, pollution, the changing use of land, eutrophication, acidification, deforestation, and overfishing all affect biodiversity.

This year, Fazer continued its three-year collaboration with WWF Finland to secure and preserve biodiversity. The Group aims to better identify and affect the environmental impacts in its supply chain, and support sustainable choices with its products and services. Fazer also began developing "No deforestation guidelines", which will be finalised in 2016.

Responsible farming

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of food production, and where ingredients and raw materials come from. Fazer acknowledges the challenges posed by environmental and social issues in our supply chain. For many years, the Group has worked to make its value chain transparent and raise its responsibility in sourcing essential raw materials like cocoa, palm oil, fish and grain. You can read more about how we work with a fair value chain and responsible farming for cocoa, palm oil and fish here.

Fazer wants to purchase grain and grain products which have been grown with consideration to the best practises from an environmental point of view. Fazer's long-term vision is to minimise, for its part, the nutrient load of the water system caused by the production of arable crops in our home market area. Fazer wants to increase and promote, in cooperation with the farmers, the utilisation of sustainable production methods.

Fazer has been working to define the criteria of the Fazer Grain Vision for the responsible cultivation of grain. With the Grain Vision, Fazer aims to support sustainable farming practices, empower farmers and communities, and prevent loss of biodiversity.