All those paper bags and chocolate wrappings might not seem like much individually, but add them up over a year and you have a pile of valuable materials that can be recycled and reused.

Do the right thing and recycle packaging materials both at home and at the office. Below you can find a few tips on handling the most common materials used also in Fazer’s products.

Did you know that 99 per cent of Fazer’s packaging materials can be recycled, refilled or used in energy production?

Paper and cardboard

Paper wrappings and bags, cardboard packages and corrugated cardboard boxes can all be recycled into new paper fibre products.

Confectionery wrappings

Confectionery wrappings are made of cellophane, so they can be recycled as energy waste.

Plastic packaging

Bread and candy bags are usually made of plastic, and so are the trays used in packaging confectionery such as filled chocolates and marmalades. You can recycle plastic packages as energy waste. Plastic bags can also be used again for packaging food or other items. Just make sure they are clean!


Packages made of aluminium, such as aluminium foil chocolate wrappers and pie trays, can be recycled with waste metal. Remember to wash the trays thoroughly before recycling.

Other packaging materials

Check the recycling of other materials with your local waste management company.

Please note that recycling schemes vary country by country and some materials are not yet possible to recycle everywhere.

What do we at Fazer do?

While you recycle and reuse we at Fazer do the same. Here are couple of examples of interesting things that might not be that visible for you but happen every day, all year round. 

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are the only kind of wooden packaging used by Fazer. We used the same pallets for several years. We repair broken pallets and recycle the waste wood to make other wooden and paper products, among others.

Fazer’s plastic crates go around for a long time

There are a total of 450,000 blue Fazer transport crates in Finland. Our blue crates are used to deliver all fresh products from Fazer’s Finnish bakeries, and one crate travels around for 15 years in average. Only export products and frozen products are transported in corrugated boxes. The blue plastic crates are useful even when broken, as the crates can be recycled to produce new plastic packaging.