Fazer has made a commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group. The Baltic Sea unites Fazer’s countries of operation and employees.

Fazer has a long tradition in protecting the environment and operating in the Baltic Sea area. We constantly work to decrease the environmental impact of our operations. Fazer is a considerable player in the Baltic Sea region and we feel that our own operations and what we do together with our partners offer us an opportunity to affect the state of the Baltic Sea. We believe that stronger co-operation in the value chain can help us, together with other players in the field, to achieve something important.

Fazer is committed to developing its production, ways to work and offering in a way which contributes to the promotion of the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. Fazer's commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group contains four areas and covers the company's entire business operations. The areas are:

  • Fazer’s energy strategy
  • The Grain Vision and Fazer Sustainable Grain Farming Principles 
  • Fazer Mills’ responsibility programme
  • Fazer Food Services’ offering and environmental objectives

Monitoring the commitment

Fazer has made a long-term commitment lasting five years. Therefore, it has been divided into milestones. These milestones also serve as checkpoints, where the Baltic Sea Action Group assesses the success of Fazer's commitment.

What is BSAG?

The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is an independent foundation established in 2008, bringing together all the players needed to save the Baltic Sea. BSAG works in solution-centred cooperation with countries, different authorities as well as companies and other organisations. BSAG works in co-operation with all the countries where Fazer operates.

More information about Baltic Sea Action Group.