Around 400 students are estimated to attend the Biéby Junior High School this autumn. 

Junior High School in Biéby is soon starting a new academic school year. Now that there is a school available in the village, a lot of parents have been motivated to register their children in the secondary school in Biéby to avoid sending them out of the village to continue their studies.

In the school, the students study mathematics, physics, chemistry, French, English, life and earth science, history, geography and sports. In the upcoming year, the students will also have the opportunity to study Spanish or German.

The school demonstration farm is doing well with the help of the community involvement and maintenance. The success rate of the cocoa seedlings is estimated over 70% though some of the seedlings have to be replaced due to the long dry season.

For the next academic year, 2014-2015, the Director is expecting at least 400 students attending the Biéby Junior High School. The number of students is expected to rise each year due to the new students coming from the primary cycle and the high birth rate in the region. For this next academic year, there will be 3 grades and 11 teachers. The rate of the female students is 33%, which is a little bit higher than the national average, 27%.

Fazer will continue supporting the Biéby Junior High School.