Follow our progress in responsible cocoa sourcing.

In accordance with our plan, we are increasing the volume of responsibly produced cocoa at a rate of 10–15 per cent a year, depending on availability and the market situation. In 2014, the proportion of cocoa compliant with responsibility programmes grew to 50 percent of all the cocoa we purchased. In 2015, the proportion of cocoa sourced in accordance with Fazer's cocoa programme grew to 72 per cent, and in 2016, it was to be increased to 85 per cent. We are continuing our systematic work to develop the responsibility of cocoa's supply chain.

By 2017, we will be able to trace the origin of all the cocoa we use, and our cocoa supply chain will meet the criteria for responsible production. Follow our progress on responsible cocoa.

Find out how we have progressed on our journey towards responsible chocolate production.

2005 Fazer becomes a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, WFC                    
  Fazer Confectionery signs the UN Global Compact initiative
2006 Fazer signs the contract to support The Child Labor Alternatives through Sustainable Systems in education (CLASSE) program in Ivory Coast
2007 Fazer’s ethical principles are published
  The CLASSE programme continues in the Ivorian village Biéby through the ECHOES programme established by the World Cocoa Foundation
  Visit to Ghana: WCF partnership meeting and cocoa field trip 
2008  Visit to Ecuador: WCF partnership meeting and monitoring the Ecuadorian cocoa supply chain
2009 Visit to Ivory Coast and the sponsor village Biéby
 2010 Fazer updates its cocoa sourcing strategy to include criteria for responsible production
  Fazer sets a cocoa vision: by 2017 the origin of our cocoa will be traceable and all the cocoa we use will meet the criteria of responsible production
  Fazer purchases the first lots of UTZ Certified cocoa
 2011 Fazer actively promotes the initiation of the CEN/TC 415 Traceable and Sustainable Cocoa Standard development
  Fazer registers as a member of the UTZ Certified Cocoa Program
  Visit to cocoa farms and communities in Ghana and a cocoa processing factory in Nigeria
 2012 Fazer participates in cooperation to develop a common European sustainability and traceability standard: Fazer's employees are included in CEN's work groups, representing Finland together with the Finnish Standards Association (SFS) and the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation 
  30% of Fazer’s cocoa complies with the responsibility programmes, including the first lots of fully traceable Nigerian cocoa butter
  Fazer raises funds to build the first and so far only secondary school in Biéby
 2013 Visit to Ivory Coast to examine traceability and sustainability programmes on the farm and cooperative level, the development of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and farmer field school activities  
  Biéby Junior High School opens its doors and a group from Fazer attends the opening ceremony 
 2014 50% of the cocoa products Fazer uses complies with the responsibility programmes. This share includes the cocoa sourced under certifications (then including UTZ certified and Rainforest Alliance) and the cocoa sourced under other sustainability programmes conducted by our suppliers and other partners, for example Source Trust
  Fazer's cocoa sourcing strategy updated to secure the fulfillment of the 2017 vision
  Fazer purchases the first batches of Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa
2015 72% of Fazer’s cocoa complies with the responsibility programmes
  Fazer purchases its first batches of cocoa compliant with the Fairtrade Cocoa Program
2016 85% of Fazer’s cocoa will comply with the responsibility programmes
  Audit of the direct programme in Nigeria
2017 All 100% of Fazer’s cocoa will be traceable and meet the criteria of responsible production
  Audit of the direct programme in Ecuador