Our success is built on our employees' daily achievements.

People matter is one of the five strategic areas of Fazer’s corporate responsibility programme. In this area, the key topics include:

  • safety
  • equality
  • employee well-being
  • development
  • leadership
  • fair treatment.

The quality and high standards of our products also apply to us as an employer. We believe that wellbeing at work means that the job is meaningful and fluent in a safe working environment, and in a work community that supports both health and employability.

Fazer’s target is to have motivated people and teams who are well led and capable of operating in an increasingly complex environment.  Through the ethical principles, Fazer as an employer is committed to providing all its employees with modern and safe working conditions, employees’ health, occupational well-being and work satisfaction, as well as treating every employee in an equal manner.

According to our ethical principles, we respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual and do not accept any discrimination, intimidation, harassment or offence at work. We conduct regular personnel surveys and development discussions to measure our employees’ job satisfaction and to further improve our ways of working.

Fazer’s employer image has remained exceptionally strong from year to year, and Fazer wants to invest in retaining its status as the most desirable and appealing employer in the business. Fazer cooperates with vocational institutions and offers trainee positions to those leaving comprehensive school.