The profitability of Fazer’s operations creates a financially solid foundation for corporate responsibility and ensures the company’s ability to produce economic well-being.

Developing and securing profitable growth within the changing environment is a core element in Fazer’s business strategy. Business continuity and long-term profitability within Fazer’s businesses are the best basis upon which to develop corporate responsibility. Fazer continuously integrates corporate responsibility into its business strategies and daily processes

Stakeholder expectations regarding corporate responsibility and transparency are continually increasing. Fazer aims to live up to these expectations and to both secure and increase brand value in the long term. The Group also recognises that its business is dependent on natural resources and their future availability.

Corporate responsibility is embedded in Fazer’s processes and daily business operations. The business units have identified their main areas of corporate responsibility which are of specific importance to their respective business focuses, and made plans accordingly. Social and environmental considerations have been integrated into Fazer's systematic risk and issues management processes.

Fazer has defined three key themes for the Fazer brand, which have also been taken into consideration in the company’s corporate responsibility work: Always a little better, Inspire to enjoy, and Feel good about the choice. Fazer aims to constantly improve its corporate responsibility processes and performance, provide a balanced offering for consumers to enjoy, and to build its operations on a sustainable foundation which enables consumers to feel good about their choice.

Fazer believes that its corporate responsibility performance has a direct impact on its brand value and business profitability. Therefore, the Group is measuring success with social and environmental indicators, in addition to financial and reputation ones.

Fazer’s business brings added value to stakeholders, personnel, suppliers and subcontractors. Business profitability allows the company to provide work and income for many people and to pay taxes to society.