Fazer has supported SOS Children’s villages for over 40 years. We have been their official partner since 2010. The co-operation between Fazer and SOS Children’s villages includes financial aid and sharing good moments.

In the beginning, Fazer supported the organisation mainly in the form of products and supplies.

The co-operation began one Midsummer in the 1960’s when Fazer’s bakery manager contacted the Children’s village which had been recently opened in Tapiola, Finland and asked whether Fazer could deliver Midsummer treats to the families.

The director of the village said they had expected to receive a few boxes, and their astonishment had been great when they received a whole truckload of bread and sweets.

Fazer has been SOS Children’s villages’ official partner since 2010.

In addition to the children, we want to pay attention to the adults working in the villages. In addition, we donate Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate which is used in the Theraplay interaction therapy.

In Finland, our financial support has been focused on family rehabilitation and building a new Children’s village which was opened in 2012 in Tampere. The first two homes started operation in autumn 2012, and 3 to 5 new homes will be opened between 2013 and 2016. There are some 17,000 children who cannot live safely with their own parents in Finland. One tenth of children grow in unsafe conditions.

In Russia, we support the Pushkin Children’s Village located in the St Petersburg area with sixty children who live in ten homes. Fazer’s donations cover the annual costs of two of these families. Funds raised in Sweden are used to support the Children’s Village located in Valmiera, Latvia. From the beginning of 2014, we lend financial support to the Estonian Children’s Village located in Narva-Joensuu.