The low-FODMAP rye bread developed by Fazer is also suitable for people with sensitive stomachs. This fact was confirmed in a clinical trial carried out in cooperation with the University of Helsinki and Aava Medical Centre.

In a clinical trial, Fazer's low-FODMAP rye bread was also found to be suitable for people with sensitive stomachs. Low-FODMAP rye bread is high in fibre and contains less than half the amount of FODMAP carbohydrates of conventional rye bread. The new rye bread is therefore a delicious way to increase the intake of important fibres that are tolerated even by many people with sensitive stomachs.

Fazer's research and development is guided by consumer insights and solid nutritional expertise as well as scientific research and technological competence.

The results of the scientific study involving IBS patients in Finland were presented to an audience of international scientists at a gastroenterology conference in May 2016 and at a Nordic nutritional conference in June 2016. The title of the scientific article is “Randomised clinical trial: low-FODMAP rye bread vs. regular rye bread to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome”, and it is available in the medical journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. The summary written by Reijo Laatikainen, principal researcher and the article's first writer, is available here (in Finnish).

As a result of the collaboration of our research network, a clinical trial investigating the effects of the low-FODMAP rye bread developed by Fazer on the well-being of people with sensitive stomachs was published in the summer of 2016.


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