Are you working on a business idea supporting well-being and healthy lifestyles? Are you passionate about serving the greater good? Apply to the Vertical start-up accelerator programme and grow your idea together with Fazer and other industry partners.

The performance of our brain is important throughout one’s whole life span, from child to senior. Schoolchildren and students need brainpower to learn, working-age people to focus and create, and older people to enjoy the vital senior years. Food and nutrition together with sleep and physical and mental exercise are the central factors of cognitive performance and brain health.

Fazer has started a major new research and business development programme called Brainfood. In the programme, we study the connection between food and cognitive performance and aim to create innovative solutions to maintain and improve brainpower and well-being at the different stages of life. Fazer is looking for start-ups to co-develop such solutions.

The programme is partly funded by TEKES.

"We see a need for a wider and more open co-operation with different players from universities to partner companies and start-ups. Our aim is to create an ecosystem that renews the food industry and creates innovations", says Heli Arantola, SVP, Strategy and Renewal of the Fazer Group.

What is the Vertical start-up accelerator?

Fazer has partnered with Vertical health accelerator, the first Nordic digital health, wellness, and sports startup accelerator based in Espoo, Finland. Vertical offers a unique access to large corporations and healthcare providers during their 4-month programme. By joining Vertical, startups get all the necessary tools and help for building products that matter while starting to scale and get paid-customers. At the end of the programme, Vertical invests up to 150 000€ in the most promising startups participating in the accelerator programme.

What does Fazer offer to start-ups?

As a partner, Fazer is closely involved during the accelerator programme, offering interesting start-ups an opportunity to network and spar with professionals and decision makers. You get access to deep consumer and market insight as well as to nutritional expertise. We also offer a physical test kitchen facility to try out innovative ideas.

How to apply?

The accelerator welcomes applications from all countries. The spring programme will be kicked off soon, so please submit your application during 28.11.2016-15.1.2017

If you have any questions to the Fazer team, you can reach us at