Everything we do at Fazer is based on our values. We welcome everyone to be who they are and want to empower our people to reach their full potential. We grow, we improve and we learn together. We are genuine and honest to ourselves and to other people. We are fearless and creative and we have the courage to aim high. We take responsibility for our work, other people, and our environment. We create food experiences that make every day a little better.

We make magic happen

We have the courage to aim high. Our goals are ambitious– but clear to everyone at Fazer. All of us can have an impact on how we proceed towards our goals. We are guided by our passion to create food experiences that bring people together – to offer moments of joy and to bring perfect days to everyday life. We exchange experiences and insights, we are inspired by the feedback we get and learn from each other. Together we innovate, develop and create. And together we succeed.

We learn, grow and improve every day

We are free to be creative, to try and to fail. We believe that mistakes are an opportunity to learn something valuable. We want to encourage everyone at Fazer to take responsibility for their work and to fearlessly look for the best ways forward. We share our successes and our mistakes so that we can learn from them together. Together we develop ourselves and our ways of working. We look for new creative solutions that help us and our business flourish. We are agile and embrace changes as opportunities. Our people are at the heart of our success, and we listen to their thoughts and ideas when we develop our activities.

We win as a team

We trust each other and celebrate our shared successes. Everyone’s work and efforts count. We strive to create a culture where we can all work openly and trustfully, and flourish as ourselves. We treat all employees fairly and equally, and we believe that the strongest teams consist of diverse people and backgrounds. We collaborate easily with all colleagues, across Fazer. We support a good work-life balance. We work together. Together we also succeed. As one, unified Fazer.