Fazer Way in Production is a systematic process of introducing improvements throughout Fazer’s bakeries and confectionery factories.

Our goal is to develop a universal way of working in order to standardise our operations and continuously improve them. It will be introduced in stages to all of our bakeries and confectionery factories, focusing on smaller everyday improvements that will help us to advance how we all work together. The mission is to take a giant leap forward in the development of  production by sharing best practices between shifts, sites and business units.

Working together

The expectations of Fazer’s customers are constantly changing and people want to discover interesting and innovative new products. To ensure that the quality of our products and services are unrivalled we want the best working environment for our employees.

Production workers know their work better than anyone, so the target has been to involve as many employees as possible in developing the ways of working from the very beginning. 

“Work becomes more satisfying and meaningful when we all take part in the development of new ways of working and involve ourselves in building a successful, comfortable and efficient workplace. With small everyday improvements we can enjoy a more pleasant and safer working environment”, says Ernesto Acosta, Fazer Way in Production Coordinator at Lund bakery.

A safe working environment

Our bakeries and confectionery factories are home to a wealth of skills and production expertise. Over the years, people have done excellent work together and introduced new devices, machines and procedures to meet growing demand and deliver quality products.

One of the targets of Fazer Way in Production is to make sure that everything runs safely and smoothly by organising ingredients, materials, equipment, and tools, so that everything has its own place.  Safe operational procedures and clean spaces make a more efficient and pleasant working environment and help to guarantee safer working conditions for everybody.

Building Fazer’s future together

Fazer Way in Production will also concentrate on improving the flow of information throughout the organisation and its overall impact. The process will begin by collecting common goals and future working methods using simple techniques and tools.

“A comfortable and efficient working community is only possible through company-wide cooperation. We can all be involved in influencing decisions that affect us by making our voices heard. Everybody will be responsible for sharing information to promote transparency between all factories and locations. FazerWay in Production is about solving problems together, informing others how you achieved our goals and building Fazer’s future together,” says Ernesto Acosta proudly.