At Fazer we believe that every employee is unique and has a lot to share with others

At Fazer Food Services in Finland we have  developed an extensive training program to share the knowledge of Fazer employees and enhance their understanding of the various roles within the organization. The program promotes cooperation through listening and discussing issues with colleagues in order to improve attitudes, as well as promoting career development.

Getting to know you

The training program is designed for everyone in a supervisory role from Restaurant Heads to Management Team Members and all Specialists. The total number of participants will reach nearly 700.

“Understanding diversity, your colleagues and their work better are cornerstones for a motivated working environment and employee wellbeing,” says Päivi Kaakkola, Senior Manager of Human Resources Development. Päivi runs the ‘Coaching leadership’ training program and has attended all the sessions so far. She says, “What people have learned from each other and about each other have been the most rewarding part of these sessions.”

Developing your skills

Working in a large global company like Fazer gives employees the opportunity to receive valuable advice and guidance from successful professionals with many years of experience. You can always learn more and we offer the perfect working environment for personal growth as well as professional development.

Maarit Lehtiniemi, an Operative Manager who has worked at Fazer for 22 years says, “I don’t think you can ever say that you know everything about leadership or people. Everyday I learn something new that helps me understand my colleagues and myself more. I believe that the training program helped us become better at solving problems and motivating our teams.”  

Listening and learning

Hearing what you co-workers have to say helps to build a clear way of working and even though you might think you know your colleagues well, building a good working relationship takes time and effort.

Päivi Kauppinen, a Restaurant Manager who has worked at Fazer for 33 years says, “Having the same training with my closest colleagues was a very uniting experience and helped us to improve our understanding of each other. People are different and you can really learn a lot just by listening to them.”

Sari Fiessinger, a Restaurant Group Manager in Jyväskylä who has worked at Fazer for 8 years says, “I was curious to learn how to face difficult situations at an operational level. New thinking refreshes old methods, so I was excited to take part in the training. I have always believed that new points of view helps to create new innovations, both big and small. I have learned to listen to my employees more carefully and get along with them better. We are all individuals from different backgrounds with both weaknesses and strengths - it is important to realize that.”