Pasi has enjoyed his work at Fazer from packing bread to becoming the production manager.

Pasi Immonen’s career at Fazer began in 1987 when he got a two-shift summer job in the packing area of the bakery in Vantaa. Pasi was only 17 at the time, so by law he was only allowed to work until 9 PM. In the fall the summer workers were offered the opportunity to apply for a full-time job, and Pasi decided to do this.

- This way my career as a regular worker at the bakery began. I spent three years working in the packing area, until I switched to a three-shift job making dough, baking and doing pretty much everything that can be done during the process of baking bread.

From a summer worker to a specialist in the Fazer Way in Production

Pasi also got to fill in for the production analyst, and when the position for the supervisor opened in 2009, Pasi decided to apply. After working as a supervisor for a while, Pasi then applied for the position of foreman, and got it.

In 2010 Pasi’s career took a new turn, when the Fazer bakeries and confectionery factories began a production development program called the Fazer Way in Production. Pasi was asked to join the team responsible for developing production, and to work on an analysis of the Vantaa bakeries linked to the development program. Soon Pasi was named the team leader, and then the project manager.

- The Fazer Way in Production has taken me to the confectionery factory in Vantaa, the bakery in Lahti, and the bakery and confectionery factory in Lappeenranta, and now I’m the Fazer Way in Production specialist in Finland bakeries.

“I’ve enjoyed working at Fazer, and want to see what kind of opportunities Fazer can offer me in the future”. The next step at his career was to become a production manager at Fazer Bakery in Vantaa in 2016.