Tommi became first acquainted with Fazer when he did his work practise programme in Karl Fazer Café during secondary school. It was a positive experience and Tommi decided to get an education in this field. In 2013, his vocational training in home economics and cleaning services at the Helsinki Diakonia College began. Now he is on his third year and doing an on-the-job training in the personnel restaurant at Martela.

“Doing the dishes is an important area of responsibility. In addition, I do also other things, such as unloading. I want to do different sorts of things, I like it when work is varied”, says Tommi.

Most of all, Tommi would like to cook.

“My favourites are Italian and Mexican food. Pasta and fish.”

Tommi’s working day lasts five hours, from nine to two, and he is a hard worker. His colleagues need to remind him to take breaks.

“I don’t care so much about sitting down and drinking coffee”, says Tommi.

After the training, he will continue studying. After graduation, Tommi would like to work in the café business.

“I can recommend this work to others, too”, he says.