Every Fazer employee is part of creating the Fazer experience every day by working according to our brand themes: always a little better, inspires to enjoy and feel good about the choice. Our Fazer Ambassadors Kirsi Aulama and Sami Koski share in their social media channels how they do this.

All Fazer employees have an important role in creating taste sensations and exceeding consumers’ expectations. People are interested in what is going on in restaurants and bakeries, for example, before they get to enjoy Fazer’s delicacies. This is why over 40 Fazer employees from all the business areas and units work as Fazer Ambassadors, sharing their everyday experiences through different channels in social media. The idea is not to copy corporate communications but to talk about their daily work in their own words and from the standpoint of their own roles.

Restaurant Manager Sami Koski from Fazer Food Services was an experienced social media writer already before this assignment. His hobby, ships, got him to create a web site called Valkeat laivat (“White ships”) back in 2003. “I applied to the first group of ambassadors a year ago. I enjoyed writing in social media about my own work because I already knew the tools and systems,” Sami says. He also ”hijacked” Fazer’s Instagram account for a few days in March. “That is when I saw that novelties, especially sweet ones, really interest people.” Sami’s post about the Pätkis ice cream novelty received a record amount of likes in the @fazersuomi account!

The Fazer Ambassador career of Kirsi Aulama, who works in Fazer Confectionery’s special confectionery department, started in the end of April. Before that, she had been active in Facebook. There Kirsi mostly posted pictures, so being an Instagram ambassador felt like her thing. “It is wonderful to be able to share things about my work, and to be allowed to do so”, Kirsi says. “It is clear that chocolate interests people, because I have got followers whom I don’t know.”

Fazer Ambassadors are encouraged to be themselves, since real-life stories appeal to people. Sami says he usually doesn’t plan his posts in advance, they are corn in the moment. “When there is a fun and suitable moment, I grab my phone and post a picture in Instagram,” he says. Kirsi’s captions use colloquial language, which makes them personal and genuine. It doesn’t always have to be so serious, either. ”Once we made a small mistake and got chocolate all over us. We got a great picture! Our uniforms proved we do work with chocolate,” Kirsi laughs.

Kirsi’s Instagram account is @fazer_lahettilas_kirsi_aulama and Sam’s is @samikoski. You can find pictures and stories about life and being a Fazer employee written by them and other Fazer Ambassadors in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat under the #meidänfazer hashtag. Like us!