After 120 years of creating taste sensations, we have learned a lot about the recipe for great work: what ingredients it includes and how it is done. We’ve discovered what we can achieve with a good recipe.

In every recipe there are some essential ingredients for a delicious end result. We believe it’s all about the meaning of your work. Every recipe also has some unwritten magic - for us it’s passion.

A house of passionate people

Fazer’s mission, to create taste sensations, comes alive every day because of the people here – every single employee at Fazer. We always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.There’s always room for improvement in our recipe and space  for something new.

A responsible and team-spirited company

Fazer is a solid and steady place to work. The quality and high standards of our products also apply to us as an employer. We take responsibility for everything we do and we work together with respect for each other.