Liisa has been working at Fazer for more than 20 years.

Liisa Eerola started out as an hourly employee at the Fazer café in Munkkivuori in the fall of 1991. After working evening and weekend shifts for some time, Liisa was offered a summer job at the café. Over 20 years have passed since Liisa’s first real summer job, and her role has changed many times during this period, but her employer has always been Fazer.

- I had many kinds of jobs in the Fazer cafés. After working several years at the café in Munkkivuori, I became the sales manager at the Karl Fazer Café on Kluuvi Street, where I helped design the new concept for the café, for instance.

“Whenever I’ve been thinking about finding a new workplace, interesting new opportunities have opened up at Fazer.“

New horizons, new passion

Liisa spent a few years at home with her children, and then she was offered new challenges when she was asked to join the Fazer 120 years project. Her road led to the communications department at Fazer, where she’s been working ever since.

For the past few years she’s been working on projects linked to sponsorships and partnerships. Starting at the beginning of 2013 Liisa has, together with her team, been responsible for Fazer’s partnerships and events, and also for sponsorships and product donations.

- At Fazer I’ve had the opportunity to see the company from many different perspectives, and build internal networks. New windows to develop my own skills have always opened here. On top of this, Fazer has a strong set of values – that match my personal values - and a great atmosphere.