At Fazer you will find many training opportunities. Some of our training is organized internally so that anyone can join while working.

For example, there’s an individual training program at Fazer’s bakeries that invests in both professional and work community skills such as teamwork, interaction and co-operation. Work safety and first aid trainings, as well as hygiene tests are also an important part of the work and open for all.

Skilled and qualified workers

In Finland you can also graduate as a bakery industry professional in a program called “Silmu“ (Silta muutokseen or Bridge to Change). The training takes two years and is done while working. Silmu training is open for permanent, motivated workers. The trainees are chosen by HR and the closest supervisors.

“Learning is 20% theory and 80% doing.“

The objective of Silmu is to offer vocational qualification possibility during work and this way also Fazer gets even more skilled workers. Likewise the confectionery side and shop-in-shop bakeries have their own tailor-made vocational qualifications for confectionary factory workers and bakers.

Practical training

The majority of non-qualification training is organized outside classrooms. It happens through work and by doing in practice. We believe learning in work and through in-house development are the best ways to support and improve our employees’ professional skills.