We make our strategy come true together. By setting clear targets and measuring performance, we encourage every Fazer employee’s development.

Our group-wide performance management focuses on the implementation of our strategy. People are the center of this method’s success. Our success factors include a competitive product and service range, efficient operations and good management of people.

The development of these success factors and related operations is monitored continually, and every employee's personal goals are based on them. This way we not only implement our strategy and measure the added value we produce, we also reward all Fazer employees equally for their good performance.

Job grading helps each employee to get ahead

Our job grading system for all office workers determines in an equal way the titles and training programs a person is entitled to. For operative workers, rewards are more based on local rules and policies, since regulations are more binding at the local level. Our job grading system doesn’t set the salary in stone; there is always room for a personal contribution. We focus on passion and results and this is reflected in our system of compensation.