We have launched a new international training program for bakers to develop skills - and to get new friends

Our new Bakery School was launched in October 2013 with the aim to develop our bakers’ skills and knowledge. We recruited the first students from inside the company after an intensive selection process. They will participate in six separate modules over eight months.

The ten new recruits will receive high-quality training in all aspect of the baking process and learn everything about baking, raw materials, and the latest baking technologies and equipment. They will travel around Europe to Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, and Finland in the pursuit of bakery brilliance.

Tatiana Zadvornova, a production developer from the Murinskoe bakery in Russia says, “The themes of the Bakery School modules are closely related to the everyday challenges that we face in bakery production. The best way to learn theory is to implement it into practice and that is what we are doing.”

The first module took place in Uwzil, Switzerland at the end of October 2013 and focused on production problem solving, milling processes, and wheat flour. 

Alexey Borisenko, a Production Facilitator from the Murinskoe bakery in Russia says, “All the knowledge that I got during the first session made my work more effective. The deep learning of production processes will help me to influence the quality of our products and I will be able to share it with my colleagues back in my bakery - I am eager to learn more.”

The group has developed a great team spirit after travelling and learning about baking together. Alexey says, “We got along well and started to feel like friends. It was a nice and interesting cooperation and everyone is very open-minded, positive and supportive.”