Fazer encourages employees to take the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills.

At Fazer we understand that various job roles demand different competencies and skills. We support the development of our staff so that employees have the competence to lead themselves, their teams, and the business better. Empowering yourself through learning and setting new challenges in your career supports professional development and enables Fazer to be successful.

Fazer runs a Talent Management scheme that is used to secure our strategic goals by ensuring the quantity and quality of managerial, leadership and specialist talent. It means that employees are part of the ongoing process of building Fazer’s talent pool and offering new opportunities.

Getting support in your career development

Understanding your own role and committing to Fazer’s values, strategy and businesses are integral to our overall success.  We need good leadership, which is based on a coaching culture and a supportive mindset to reach agreed goals, creating an environment for individual and team triumphs and professional development. 

To support the personal development of new and existing talent, we have our own development programs: Fazer Leap and Fazer Navigator. Fazer Leap participants are made up of middle managers with the goal to prepare them for future leadership and management positions. Fazer Navigator’s goals are to develop a global mindset and strategic vision to drive changes that support Fazer Group’s growth.

Fazer also offers support in developing skills that are required for employees to perform their job more effectively. Improving your language skills or project management are a few examples of training that the company offers.

For employees in operative work we offer numerous training programs as well. Bakery School for production facilitation, Chefs’ Get-Together training twice a year or vocational qualification trainings, like Confectionary Producer training, are some examples of possibilities.