Fazer has hosted trainees from the International Banking Institute in St Petersburg, Russia, for several years. Young students like Darja and Nilab spent two weeks working as trainees at Fazer in Finland.

During the training Darja Jemeldjazeva and Nilab Wazirval learned about Fazer as a company, visited the production facilities and, most importantly, worked in different departments, learning about the different aspects of the work here.

- Two weeks in Helsinki went very fast but this time was a big benefit for us. During our internship we met with wonderful people and became part of the team. It was very pleasant to feel that our contribution in the work is very necessary so we tried to do our best.

An encouraging working spirit and culture

- From the beginning of our internship we understood that Fazer is a really good place to work. We have been working in two different locations and this helped us get to know different parts of the company better.

During their two weeks Darja and Nilab worked in the Marketing, HR and Finance departments.

- At the beginning of each task we had a presentation of the department and the people who are working there. We could ask questions if something was not clear and we always got a clear answer. This really helped us understand what we needed to do.

“We want to thank everybody for being so nice to us and for giving us such a good opportunity. We will always remember these weeks spent in Fazer as something pleasant and wonderful!”