Fazer Business Trainee program invites fresh university graduates to discover the Fazer world of taste sensations! The two-year program involves learning, growing and collecting valuable experiences in Fazer Group’s various business units, mainly in Finland. Our goal is that all Fazer Business Trainee graduates find an inspiring career at Fazer. 

The Fazer Trainee program first started in 2015, when our financial administration was looking for future talents. ”We were first and foremost looking for the right personalities with the capability and the will to grow into challenging financial roles faster than usual,” says Jouni Grönroos, Fazer Group’s EVP, who played an important role in the creation of the program.

Since then, tens of fresh graduates and nearly graduated future talents have joined the program. As trainees, they have worked in financial administration and HR, marketing, sales, product development and business development. During the two-year program each trainee works in 3-4 different units and roles at Fazer. The program is designed ambitiously to support a versatile but consistent experience. The purpose of a unified trainee program is to ensure that each trainee gets an extensive understanding of what we do and how we operate.

Mentoring and support from supervisors

Every trainee has a home unit throughout the trainee program, even though they work in two or three other units, too. The supervisor of the home unit is responsible for mentoring and supporting the trainee during the entire program, to make sure the traineeship is always a good, rewarding experience.

Mentors support these fresh graduates in work-related issues and questions, but also in learning and growing as a person. ”Unit supervisors guide trainees in what they do. As a mentor, I support trainees in how they do what they do. Trainees need tools for, for example, time and stress management, as well as managing change,” says Jouni Grönroos who himself has mentored several trainees.

The trainee and the mentor meet regularly, and towards the end of the program, the mentor also supports the trainee in planning for the future – and we are happy to say that many Business Trainee graduates have already found their places in Fazer Group. ”Mentoring takes time, but it is also really rewarding”, says Grönroos and continues that young people can achieve amazing things when given the opportunity. ”One of them even developed an algorithm for cash flow prediction, which was tens of times more accurate than the predictions of experienced financial professionals.”

Got interested?

We will publish trainee positions in our open positions page. Follow our open positions and submit your application here when the application time starts.