Fazer is introducing a Business Trainee Programme that is a highly competitive development programme for candidates seeking a challenging career at Fazer. We started our trainee programme in 2015 with finance trainees. Now in spring 2017, we are looking for commerce-oriented trainees and in the following autumn, HR- and strategy-oriented ones.

At Fazer, we have been making the world taste good since 1891. We have the leading brands and highest product quality in every category in which we compete. We are an innovative and international house of brands and we wish to recruit highly talented people who have a passion for developing an unlimited career.

The first spring 2017 Fazer Business Trainee Programme is designed for future marketing and sales leaders who as candidates are ambitious, enthusiastic and hard working.  These candidates are recent graduates or will be soon graduating. They have a consumer first mind-set. In addition, a passion for taste sensations is a value at Fazer and a necessary quality in a trainee. Selected individuals must be comfortable and confident with being the face of Fazer to our customers.