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Cooperation with schools


We have a long tradition of cooperating with students, vocational schools, universities, and other educational institutions, and we aim to establish good, long-lasting partnerships with them. Over the years we have supported many talented students with their thesis projects. We have had the honour to join various ambitious research initiatives, and the joy of hosting trainees from various fields and seeing them grow into brilliant young professionals.

Working with students, schools, and universities is a great opportunity to us. Students bring fresh perspectives, and we value their insights into student life and the latest research. We welcome new, creative, and fearless ideas on new trends, technologies, and well-being as we develop our business and create meaningful future food experiences.

Joining Fazer as a student—traineeships and thesis projects

Are you passionate about sustainable food experiences and want to write your thesis on a modern, international company? We work in various roles and fields, ranging from business development and foodtech to corporate law, marketing, communications, and production chain planning, and more. Our skilful professionals will support your thesis work throughout.

We also offer traineeships to students from vocational schools and universities. As a trainee you will work alongside our experienced professionals and learn through practise. We want to give our trainees the best possible tools to help them on their journey to becoming top professionals in their respective fields.

As a trainee or thesis worker, you get to learn and grow side by side with passionate colleagues and to create moments of joy with us. Our rich heritage provides a fruitful starting point for learning, new research, and the creation of future food.

Learn and grow with us!

We encourage our people to learn, develop and grow fearlessly and creatively. At Fazer, everyone’s opinions and efforts count.

We also have our research and innovation unit, Fazer Lab, where our research team is busily working with well-being, nutrition, foodtech and sustainable future food.

We are proud of our people and happy that so many of them stay with us for a long time. Many of them started their Fazer journeys as trainees or thesis workers and have since built their own Fazer careers.