Markus Kotiranta started the Fazer Business Trainee program in the biscuit team of Fazer Fazer Confectionary’s product development in Autumn 2018. His goal was to deepen and widen his own professional skills and expertise. 

Markus finds the food industry interesting in many ways. For instance, he considers Fazer’s sustainability program important: ”Sustainability and tasty products can go hand in hand”, he says. Being an amateur coder, he is also interested in IT programs and their development. 

The trainee program appealed to Markus because he was interested in Fazer as a company, as well as the opportunity to develop his own professional skills. ”I came from a smaller company where I had done everything from product development to quality control. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had plenty of learning opportunities at Fazer”, says Markus. He has been particularly pleased with the proper induction  program and helpful colleagues at Fazer.

As the program continues, he is looking forward to learning more and hopes to get an extensive understanding of Fazer. ”At the same time I will see what feels the best for me, and hopefully my efforts will also benefit the company.”