Fazer's bakery export is the bakery business outside of Fazer home markets of Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic countries. 

We at Fazer have been baking bread and sweet bakery products since the 1890’s, when the famous Karl Fazer café in Kluuvikatu in Helsinki was opened. Today, Fazer holds leading bakery positions in Finland, Sweden, Russia and Baltic countries.

Fazer exports its bakery products to most northern European countries and as far as to Canada and even Australia. A corner stone of the export sales strategy is carefully selected portfolio of Nordic bakery products. Our export portfolio consist of hearty and healthy rye bread in different shapes and forms: tasteful and trendy arctic thin bread holding tight to Nordic baking traditions and selection of local bake-off and frozen delicacies from Karelian rice pasties to Dumle-branded muffins.

Over the years Fazer has developed state of the art manufacturing technologies enabling tasteful and versatile bread assortment with long shelf-life and without preservatives. Our typical Business to Business -customers are sandwich manufacturers, restaurants and cafes that are anxious to bring something new to the table.

The basis for our long-term growth and success in export sales is continuous development of product quality and unique offering. And what it comes to really taste and healthy sourdough rye bread, Fazer is simply leading the way in baking it.

We believe there is always room for more good in this world. And we are on a mission to deliver that goodness to people all over the world, one package of Fazer bread at a time.

Contact information 

Fazer Bakeries Ltd. PL 17, 00941 Helsinki, Finland

Visiting address:Fazerintie 6, 01230 Vantaa, Finland

Tel. +358 20 555 3000

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