On 21 October two teams will represent Fazer in the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany. Fazer Culinary Team Sweden won the competition when they participated in 2012 and now they have company from Fazer Culinary Team Finland that participates for the first time. Both teams aim for gold and even though the two teams represents Fazer, they will compete against each other in Erfurt.

Held every four years, the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany in October 2016 are the world’s biggest competition for the food industry. The first Olympics were organised in 1900 and in the previous competition in 2012, there were 2000 chefs from 54 countries participating. There are different categories in the Culinary Olympics in which the world’s best chefs compete in making food. Fazer Culinary Team Sweden won the competition when they participated in 2012, but this is the first time that Finland is represented in the catering series.

In the catering category of the Olympics, the competition is making lunch for 150 people in five hours for a maximum cost of five euros per person. The menu comprises a soup, two main dishes, one vegetable dish, side dishes, a salad buffet and a dessert. The ingredients and the food are to reflect the food culture of the teams’ own countries.

The members of the two Fazer Culinary Teams are top chefs from Fazer Food Services who work in Fazer’s contract restaurants in companies and organisations in Sweden and Finland. The teams have been training for Culinary Olympics for the last one and a half years by training regularly under the guidance of the best coaches possible, as well with real customers. 

Now both Fazer Culinary Team Sweden and Fazer Culinary Team Finland aim for gold in the catering category in Culinary Olympics 2016. And even though the two teams have cooperated in preparing for the competition during the last one and a half years, it will be much like the Finland-Sweden Athletics International when the two teams stand face to face to each other in Erfurt on 21 October.

Update December 2016: Culinary Olympics 2016 has come to an end and Fazer managed to defend the position as world champions within contract catering! Fazer Culinary Team Finland got the highest score and was announced Olympic champions, followed closely by Fazer Culinary Team Sweden who defended their gold medal from 2012 and ended up in second place after their Finnish colleagues. Congratulations to both teams!