Fazer is traditionally a very strong producer of consumer items. Fazer has, however, also a range of products for industrial use. These are often semi-finished products created for Fazer's own use.

The most important product for industrial export is the Milk Chocolate Crumb. This is a special item for chocolate production and it is made of milk, sugar and cocoa mass. The process consists of heat treatment (roasting) and vacuum drying. The product has a distinct caramelized milk flavour and it brings the taste into the chocolate. With the crumb it is possible to enhance the milk flavour and create a unique chocolate taste, which is not possible to reach with conventional chocolate processes.

The main market for Milk Chocolate Crumb is Asia, especially Japan. Fazer has done business with Crumb-products in Japan for more than 40 years and today the customer range consists of the most reputated high quality chocolate manufacturers as well as the largest confectionery companies.

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Fazer Confectionery Ltd. 
Pl 4, FIN-00941 Helsinki, Finland

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Fazerintie 6, FIN-01230 Vantaa, Finland

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Jarmo Lavikka 

Director, Industrial Sales