There are two tempting reasons to choose Fazer Crumb

Chocolatey richness melts in your mouth

Fazer Milk Chocolate Crumb is a quality chocolate raw material ready for use in multiple fine chocolate applications.

Fazer Choco Crumb is unique in taste. One of the secrets behind its delicious flavour is its special manufacturing process. The combined roasting and vacuum drying process enables precise taste creating control and gentle drying, resulting pleasant milky chocolate flavour.

The distinctive chocolate flavour of Fazer Milk Chocolate Crumb is impossible to reproduce when using conventional processing methods. The Maillard reaction does not develop in the conventional chocolate processing methods.

Crumb saves time and money in manufacturing

Chocolate crumb is a material including just basic chocolate raw materials. It can be used in every chocolate process without any investment. Adding the Crumb into the chocolate process can be done together with all other powdered materials. It is easy material to handle: no special arrangements, no dust.

Fazer uses only the best raw materials, which means it is easy to improve the chocolate quality.

The Chocolate Crumb keeps well in a dry storage at room temperature.

Fazer’s Choco Crumbs

Fazer Crumb can be customized according to customers’ wishes. There are already several Chocolate Crumbs in basic production with mainly different levels of cocoa as well as one special Milk Crumb, which has no cocoa at all.

We are pleased to send samples of our Crumb -products, together with Crumb –based chocolates. We are also able to make up chocolate recipes and samples based on customers’ specifications.

Fazer Crumb can be delivered in different packages: 25 kg paper bags (with poly inner liner) or various sized big bags.

Standard Products

Product nr. Product Sugar Milk Cocoa
400650 Milk Choco Crumb 49 41 10
400651 Finn Milk Crumb 45 38 7
400652 Finn Choco Crumb 46 41 13
400655 Milk Crumb 55 45 0


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Jarmo Lavikka 

Director, Industrial Sales