MON, SEP 17, 2018 

The iconic landmark of Fazerila, the Fazer water tower, is turning into light art. The launch of a light installation dignifies Fazer’s 127th anniversary on 17 September 2018. The diverse light installations will change every two weeks and during different times of the year reflect e.g. the strong brands of Fazer and seasonal themes. The light installations are turned on and off according to sunrise and sunset times.

As a forerunner in brand marketing, Fazer got an award of the best brand builder of the year 2017 from the Association of Finnish Advertisers, and has always created new ways to engage with people. “Our water tower gives us a great opportunity to be innovative and creative and turn it into a new media platform. We want to delight and surprise people, and the new look enhances the total Fazer experience in a stylish way. It underlines the essence of the Fazerila area, not only as a workplace for over 1,500 people, but also as a destination for people visiting the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre, whether they are coming from far away or from the neighbourhood,” says Ulrika Romantschuk, EVP, Communications & Branding of Fazer Group.

Modern and energy effective light installation

Fazerila is an important groundwater basin. The water tower of Fazerila was built in 1961, so it has become a familiar sight to a lot of people over the decades and is recognised, in average, 50,000 times every day. The water enters the water tower through a purification station and moves from the tower to the factories and people in the Fazerila area.

The illuminations reflect Fazer and its brands through the power of lights that are fixed or in motion. The illumination technique is highly advanced. Similar installations have been seen in Lux Helsinki and in temporary illuminations of public buildings, to mention a few examples. This will be the most modern assembly and the first permanent one of this scale in Finland.

For Fazer, it is equally important that the illumination solution is sustainable and cost efficient. The water tower will be using only an amount of energy that is consumed by an ordinary electric kettle.

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