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Since it opened in autumn 2016, the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre has been steadily growing in popularity. This summer saw a significant increase in the share of foreign visitors. The most frequently used guiding languages, besides Finnish, are English and Chinese. Fazer Experience consists of an exhibition, a Fazer Café, a shop, meeting services and various events.

Fazer has welcomed visitors for over 60 years. After the opening of the new centre for Fazer’s 125th anniversary in autumn 2016, its popularity has continued to grow. This, summer the share of exhibition tours taken in languages other than Finnish grew to 1/3 in comparison to 1/4 last summer. English is the main language after Finnish, and Chinese comes third. During the eight first months of this year, the centre has drawn more than 130,000 visitors. The figures of last year - over 180,000 visitors with nearly 100,000 people taking the guided tour - will most probably been exceeded this year.

Visitor feedback has been excellent, and the centre was awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence both in 2017 and in 2018. “I’m delighted that Fazer is a destination that interests people, and that many visitors keep returning. Every interaction promotes continuous development, dialogue and a better understanding of customer needs”, says Anu Kokko,director of Fazer Experience.  

New events offer fun for all ages

Seasonality is very visible in Fazer Experience. During the autumn holiday week, when schools are closed, there are more guided tours as well as chocolate confectioner’s and baking classes for the whole family. An herb gardening and tapas evening will take place on 12 October, and special Halloween programme will be offered from 26 to 28 October.

Fazer Experience is a particularly attractive destination for families, tourists and schools, but it is also increasingly favoured by companies and associations for meetings and recreational activities, such as chocolate tasting and cooking classes.

Renewed Fazerila water tower – landmark of an inviting destination

The visitor centre provides inspiring and interactive experiences where everyone gets to know Fazer in their own way, make exciting discoveries and learn something new. A balance between well-being and enjoyment is one of the visitor centre’s main themes. The visit is made even more memorable thanks to the centre’s vibrant and original architecture. The building has been awarded the Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association’s Steel Structure of the Year award, the City of Vantaa Kehäkukka architectural prize and the Vuoden Lasirakenne award for the best glass structure. This autumn, Fazer will celebrate its 127th anniversary on the 17th of September by turning the iconic landmark of Fazerila area, the Fazer water tower, into a modern media platform.

Find it first at the Fazer Experience shop

People come to the Fazer Experience shop from far and wide – which is hardly any wonder, since Fazer’s new products are for sale there before anywhere else. Some specialties, such as special batches of the Tyrkisk Peber chocolate, practically created a stampede to the shop, thanks partly to the social media buzz surrounding them. The shop sells over 400 different products, with everything from presents, home party offerings and other goodies, some of which are not available anywhere else. Our range changes with the seasons whilst the most popular products are available throughout the year. Christmas will be coming to the Fazer Experience shop along with the first Christmas items in early October.

Fazer Café Fazerila – a great place to meet and relax

As the shop, the Fazer Café in the visitor centre is also open to everyone. At the Fazer Café Fazerila, you can indulge in a hearty breakfast any day of the week and enjoy wonderful speciality coffees and piping-hot soup or a refreshing salad for lunch.  The warm-hearted weekend brunches every Saturday and Sunday are so popular that for bigger groups, in particular, it is well worth making a table reservation. You can also buy artisan bread, cakes and pastries to take away.

Fazer Experience exhibition

Fazer’s own guides introduce exhibition visitors to the centre on one-hour guided tours. The exhibition provides an introduction to Fazer’s business, the company’s wide range of products and its long and distinguished history. Visitors also learn about Fazer’s commitment to being a responsible and innovative company. Another stop-off on the guided tours to the visitor centre that has become a firm favourite is our tropical garden, where the familiar flavours of cocoa, cinnamon and pepper can be seen in their natural state. In short, Fazer Experience caters for all the senses, and the unforgettable storytelling is helped along by imaginative use of the latest technology.

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