We observe sustainable practices in our use of resources and throughout our supply chain. We treat our personnel, suppliers, customers and environment with respect.

As our new mission states, Fazer is all about food with a purpose. We create meaningful food experiences that nourish, delight and support the well-being of people while respecting the planet. Food is a major factor in social, economic and environmental development, and we contribute to that development through our corporate responsibility work.

At Fazer, corporate responsibility is part of all our operations. It is ingrained in our corporate culture and business development. It is observed in the value chain. Securing long-term business development is at the core of our corporate responsibility strategy.

In 2017, we created a new company strategy. We now work towards further alignment and integration of corporate responsibility into the new strategy. We will also keep developing our CR programme further through prioritisation of initiatives, target-setting and supporting our businesses in its implementation.

Effective use of resources is not only environmentally important; it impacts costs and profitability as well. By supporting the well-being of our personnel, we aim to get energetic and motivated employees who perform better. Close attention to the responsible management of the supply chain ensures the availability of high-quality raw materials in the future. Simply put, corporate responsibility is good for business.

Our corporate responsibility programme

Our corporate responsibility vision, strategy and programme are based on the Group’s business strategy and supported by a deep understanding of evolving customer and market demands. Our corporate responsibility programme is structured around five strategic focus areas, which guide our operations.