We want to provide motivating and meaningful work in a safe and respectful work environment. We continuously develop our personnel and leadership.

Our devoted personnel is our greatest asset. We work together and continuously develop our capabilities to ensure that our business is profitable and sustainable. We cultivate an atmosphere of respect and work according to a high performance culture in which everyone knows their role and responsibility.

Focus and goals

  • Providing all employees an equal working community, motivating and meaningful work and a safe working environment
  • Encouraging employees to seek and sustain work-life balance
  • Supporting the well-being of employees
  • Developing a diversified working community as a strength and success factor
  • Developing leadership capabilities at all levels
  • Ensuring a work environment in which people are treated with dignity, decency and respect. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind.

2018 and onwards

  • Implementing HR Vision 2022
  • Growing internal entrepreneurship and agility
  • Continuing to develop role exchange and job rotation
  • Continuing anti-harassment work

Performance in 2017

We continued to work with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG we identified as most closely associated with the People matter sustainability area is SDG8:

This goal was seen to be very much in line with our own responsibility targets. We will continue to assess the ways in which we can contribute to reaching this goal.

In 2017, harassment was addressed to a great extent in media and the society at large, and this discussion prompted us to create a new Anti-harassment Guideline. We respect the value, privacy and rights of every individual. We do not tolerate discrimination, threats, harassment or insulting behaviour. We also revised our whistleblowing system to allow third parties to contact us in case of grievance.

We began the creation of a novel learning culture. A new digitalisation training was piloted in Finland and will be expanded in 2018. Planning of the renewal of Fazer Academy, to take place in 2018, began. The Trainee programme continued and produced good results, with trainees contributing to our business after a very short time.

We also continued our 125 Opportunities for Working Life programme, which began in 2016, in co-operation with the Helsinki Deaconess Institute and the Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. It offers working opportunities for people with difficulty in finding employment, such as people with reduced functional ability or immigrants.

In Russia, we continued our co-operation with the SOS Children’s Village in Pushkin by offering employment to young people from the village. The village alumni get a chance to get their first work experience in an international company.

We took further the implementation of role exchange and job rotation – a new practice that gives us an opportunity for professional development. This practice provides learning possibilities, new responsibilities and a chance to grow in the organisation. Role exchange can also be applied to support diversity work.

During 2017, we finalised our HR Vision 2022. It will guide us forward in the years to come and support us in implementing our new strategy. It will also facilitate our transformation towards a leading, sustainable North European food company, while ensuring the well-being of the personnel. Furthermore, we stepped up the implementation of our safety culture by beginning the tracking of also minor accidents and near misses, increasing safety communication and conducting more than 40 safety reviews, among other things.

We conducted again the People Power Survey to find out how our employees experience their work. At Group level, the overall results improved from the previous survey. The most positive changes occurred within the company-level themes, including employer image and leadership culture. All five indexes measured – Commitment, Leadership, Performance, Engagement and the People Power index – were clearly above the general European norm.

Fazer of the Future

We will begin to implement our HR Vision 2022. We will focus on employee experience, internal entrepreneurship and agility. We will develop an extended talent ecosystem that encompasses not only our own talent but that of co-operation partners and stakeholders as well.

We will develop our capabilities in human resource information systems (HRIS) and analytics, and implement business HR training to improve our strategic capabilities in HR. We will recruit new key talent to support our strategic growth plans.

We will strengthen our Group-level leadership capabilities as well as those in the management of organisational changes. Occupational health and well-being at work will continue to be a priority focus area as well. We will continue to systematically improve work safety at every location to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

We will continue our anti-harassment work by, among other things, creating an obligatory training package addressing the matter.

Fazer Group's Annual Review 2017 PDF