Choices based on knowledge and personal preferences bring balance and well-being. Enjoy Fazer your way.


  • Develop responsible offering
  • Transparently communicate with consumers about topics related to health and well-being
  • Participate in studies on food, health and sustainability

Achievements in 2015

  • Increased the share of vegetables to 39 per cent in Fazer Food Services' offering
  • Launched several new products focusing on health trends, e.g. Health Energy bread
  • Launched a new marketing policy that puts special emphasis on responsible marketing to minors
  • Began “nudging” pilots to encourage restaurant guests to make green and healthy choices
  • Joined the EAT initiative to better integrate food, health and sustainability as part of Fazer’s business by making use of scientific research and stakeholder dialogue
  • Published a study on consumption of dark chocolate as part of a balanced lifestyle
  • Initiated an after-school activities project in collaboration with Valo

The way forward

  • Continue to introduce healthier options to Fazer’s offering 
  • Contribute to mitigation of societal challenges such as obesity, and salt and sugar consumption 
  • Publish nutrition guidelines in 2016 Focus on portion sizes and communicate the energy content of each portion 
  • Continue research and stakeholder collaboration in the sphere of health and well-being around themes such as sourdough science, oats and wholegrain research, sustainable protein, superfoods, healthy snacking, sugar reduction and salt replacement

Link: Corporate responsibility PDF, page 16