Fazer relies on the resources nature provides, and uses them responsibly.


  • Reduce climate impact and increase energy efficiency
  • Prevent waste and loss of raw materials
  • Manage and use water resources responsibly
  • Support sustainable farming and prevent loss of biodiversity

Achievements in 2015

  • Reduced energy consumption by 3 per cent per produced tonne*
  • Increased renewable electricity use to 80 per cent *
  • 93 per cent of the total amount of waste was recycled or recycled as energy*
  • Specified corporate responsibility focus areas for Fazer
  • Food Services: reduce food waste, increase the share of vegetables, occupational safety
  • Waste reduction targets were set for Fazer Food
  • Services, Fazer Cafés and the Gateau bakery shop chain
  • Developed a Grain Vision for the responsible cultivation of grain
  • Started the development of a deforestation policy and identified the main raw materials causing deforestation
  • Won the Sustainability Award at the Pro Carton ECMA
  • 2015 for Fazer Alku porridge packaging
  • Began cooperation with the pro-Baltic Sea carbonated spring water company Dropp

* Scope: Fazer's bakeries and confectionery factories, Fazer Mill & Mixes

The way forward

  • Update Fazer Energy Strategy in 2016
  • Continue sustainable farming work with Grain Vision and hold dialogues with key stakeholders in 2016
  • Implement waste reduction targets set in 2015
  • Develop a water plan to address water use and quality
  • Finalise Fazer's policy and process against deforestation in 2016

Link: Corporate responsibility PDF, page 33