People make Fazer happen. Fair play with everyone working with us.


  • To have talented, motivated and healthy people, and lead them well 
  • Respect all employees and offer them an equal working community through meaningful work, motivation and a safe working environment  
  • Develop a diversified working community as both a strength and a success factor 

Achievements in 2015 

  • Fazer Behaviours were agreed based on outcome from the High Performance Culture workshops with personnel 
  • Fazer Philosophy was defined; it guides employees and managers in all people topics 
  • The People Power Index score from employee satisfaction surveys was 73.4 (2014: 71.7) 
              - The well-being index was 71.7 (2014: 69.4)
              - The leadership index was 73.3 (2014: 70.9) 
              - The engagement index was 77.5 (2014: 75.5)
  • The response rate of the employee survey was exceptionally high at 84.4 per cent
  • Work on a diversity plan began 
  • The LTAF (lost time accident frequency) decreased by 13.8 per cent from 2014 
  • Over 15,100 safety discussions with employees were held and the number of safety observations in Fazer's production sites increased by 38.4 per cent from 2014 
  • Minimum well-being actions for business units were defined and included in local action plans 

The way forward 

  • Continue to build high performance culture: a culture of positivity, cooperation, personal accountability, feedback and trust within Fazer 
  • Embrace Fazer Behaviours in everyday work Continue to work towards zero accidents 
  • Well-being strategy update 
  • Revision of a sick-leave KPI target for 2016 
  • Focus on the development areas highlighted by the employee survey results 
  • Develop ways of working by publishing guidelines for flexible work and new collaboration tools 
  • Continue to work with diversity through local discussions

Link; Corporate responsibility PDF, page 22